In Japan, a 90-year-old driver accidentally jumped a curb and ran over pedestrians. In New York during a six-month time frame, three seniors were found dead after forgetting to turn off their cars after parking them in the garage. A school bus crash on a busy interstate in New Jersey occurred when an elderly bus driver made an illegal U-turn.


Home Care in Lorton VA: Driving & Your Senior

Home Care in Lorton VA: Driving & Your Senior


How Many Seniors Are Involved in Crashes Each Year?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were about 6.29 million crashes reported to the police in 2015. That equates to approximately 17,472 crashes each day. That same year, the CDC reported that 260,000 seniors were taken to the hospital due to injuries resulting from a crash. That’s 712 seniors each day that go to the hospital after a crash.


Doesn’t Taking Away a License Take Away Independence?

The elderly often feel that loss of a driver’s license is a big step to losing independence. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of driving themselves around, your parents could have home care services that include rides from their caregivers. They could walk more. Not only do they get to places they need to be, they’ll also get the daily exercise they need to keep them healthy.


How Do You Talk to Your Parent About Giving Up a License?

Be honest with your parent. Ask them to take you for a drive so that you can evaluate their reaction times and thoroughness checking blind spots. If they balk, ask them to consider taking a senior driving class. These classes have instructors who can evaluate how well your parent drives.

In some cases, additions to the car can keep your parent behind the wheel. An extra mirror can help check blind spots. Cars that have rear cameras, warnings sensors for drifting or other cars, and computer braking can help. If your parent still isn’t safe driving, it’s time to take away the keys.

You may have to enlist the help of a doctor, clergy member, or family friend to help. Your parent may be mad. What’s most important, however, is that they’re safe.


Don’t let the lack of a driver’s license keep your mom or dad from going out and having fun.

Home care professionals can drive your parent to appointments, area museums, senior centers, and stores. Learn more by talking to a home care specialist.


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