January is Get Organized Month.

For you as a family caregiver, this is the ideal opportunity for you to evaluate your care efforts for your senior and devise new ways you can simplify your care, improve your life, and make your efforts more meaningful and effective for your senior by getting organized.

Organizing allows you to make the most of your time and energy, reduce stress, and maximize the effectiveness of all you do. There are many ways you can organize in your care efforts, but one that is particularly beneficial can be creating a care notebook. This notebook is designed to provide you with one convenient place to keep information about your senior, write down questions, record doctor’s recommendations, and more. This allows you to quickly reference this information when you need it.


Elder Care in Springfield VA: Maintaining a Care Notebook

Elder Care in Springfield VA: Maintaining a Care Notebook


Use these tips to get organized by maintaining a care notebook for your senior:


-Choose a notebook that is sturdy and will be easy for you to carry with you. This can be a spiral notebook with several sections or a binder you can use dividers in to create different sections. This allows you to more easily differentiate between the different types of information you are adding.

-Be sure to date each entry you put in and use a new page for each new entry whenever practical. This allows for easier reference of information as well as the ability to monitor how your parent is progressing with particular health needs and challenges.

-When writing down questions you have for the doctor, be sure to leave several lines of space available to record the answer. Write down when you got this answer and from who so you are able to keep track of which member of their care team gave you which piece of information.

-The front of the notebook should contain pertinent personal information for your aging loved one, including their name, your contact information, their primary doctor’s contact information, any allergies they have, and any other important details.

-Use this notebook to record all information such as illnesses your parent dealt with, medications they took and side effects they experienced, information such as weight and blood pressure if you are instructed to monitor these regularly, questions about their health and your care, and anything you feel you may need to improve your care efforts.


Never underestimate the value of help and your caregiver journey.

Being a family caregiver for an aging adult can be extremely challenging, but elderly care can help. An elderly home care services provider can offer a wide range of services specifically tailored to your aging loved one to help them stay safe and healthy, encourage independence, boost their mental and emotional health, and help them experience their best life as they age in place.


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