Three Common Issues New Caregivers Face

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Your parent may have faced a sudden illness or injury, and you find yourself taking on an unexpected primary family caregiving role. You are proud that you can offer the person who once cared Caregiver-in-Arlington-VAfor you the same love and support that they provided you. On the other hand, your life has inexorably changed in a manner of moments and it’s okay to grieve what was left behind even as you look with anticipation toward the future.


You and your parent’s roles have reversed, leaving both of you a little confused and awkward as you navigate this new terrain. It’s okay. In fact, it’s a wonderful opportunity to explore your relationship from new horizons. You will need to communicate with each other in ways that may not have been explored before. An open and honest dialect will need to be created in an environment where your parent may have felt the need to protect you from life-experiences that they felt would have caused you more harm than good. Now, in order for you to be a successful caregiver, the cards will have to be out on the table. If your parent is having a hard time relinquishing this control, let them know that you need to know what’s going on with them so that you can provide the best care possible. You may very well end up in a closer relationship than either of you have experienced before.


Many caregivers and parents are uncomfortable when addressing the need for help with bathing and dressing. There is probably no other task in the caregiver’s responsibilities that so clearly demonstrates the role reversal that has transpired. It’s okay. There are many options which include obtaining a family friend’s services for this daily task or acquiring the services of an in-home care provider who can assist with the daily activities such as these. If neither of these options are presently possible, consider creating a bathing sanctuary that both of you can look forward to as well as changing the schedule from daily bathing to a sponge bath every other day. A bathing sanctuary looks something like this: aromatherapy candles lighting the corners of the room with soft, relaxing music playing; the use of bath salts that fill the room with your favorite scents such as tropical nectar or springtime in the Rockies.


You may find that you require a few days a week to rest, relax, rejuvenate and do the things that bring you joy in order to lead a balanced, happy life. Your parent may understand, but they may also be nervous about bringing a stranger into their home. When obtaining the services of an in-home care provider, bring your parent into the decision-making phase by having them participate in the interviews. Once they meet them, they will probably realize that this is an opportunity for a stranger to become a close friend.


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