Senior Care in Falls Church VA: There Is a Great Tool with Helpful Health Benefits Built-In to Us – Laughter!

Have you ever tried to be angry and laugh at the same time? It can’t be done! Either you laugh OR you are angry. Add to that the fact that laughter brings good feelings so it opposes anger … or sadness, or really any other sour emotion.

“Laughter is the most inexpensive and most effective wonder drug,” noted Bertrand Russell, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950. “Laughter is a universal medicine.”

When you laugh, your body releases endorphins.  This is similar to when you, say, exercise.  And the endorphins, among other things, help with pain reduction, stress, and may help improve the immune system.  The act of laughing can also help with breathing, blood sugar levels, and easing fear.   Laughter bonds people together, sharing a moment, and creating good feelings!

Too, laughter can be useful with senior care.   While a number of life’s aspects could bring depression to a senior, positive attributes such as laughter, could bring relief.  Laughing even can burn a few calories!

Being more positive is important for senior care.  It can help to:

  • Have  a better outlook on the future
  • Feel better emotionally and possibly even physically
  • Have more energy to do things
  • Enjoy the moment!

The action of laughing can help caregivers, too.   When stress is present, sharing light-hearted moments could benefit everyone.  And, such moments could bring people together like little else.

Laughter can come from a number of places.  People can make you laugh with a joke or a fun memory. Television shows and movies can provide comedic moments.  Comedy clubs provide live entertainment.

Kids just naturally do funny things as they seem to find fun and humor in almost everything! And pets can bring smiles and laughter.

A study conducted related to short term memory loss in seniors and humor showed a noticeable decrease in memory deficiency when given humor as a therapy.  Also, it is suggested that laughter  can ease stress in dementia patients.  A study done in Australia showed that laughter therapy provided valuable stress relief to even the most serious of patients, lowering the dementia “wandering, “ and doing so without adverse side-effects.

Even just smiling can give benefits to senior care.  Merely offering a smile can ease stress and help you to improve anxiety and sadness.   So when you feel down, stressed, or otherwise unhappy, give laughter a try and see if you don’t feel better for it!


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