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Expert Makeup Tips for Senior Women

Personal care at home can make it easier for women to apply makeup successfully. Here are some other useful tips!
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Every woman wants to look her best. As women age, they often don’t know how to change their makeup techniques and style to fit their maturing skin. As a result, women cling to the same look they have worn for decades. That can make senior women look older. It can also make them look like they’re trying too hard to look younger.

Women who are in their 60s, 70s, and beyond who want to wear makeup can use makeup to look better, feel better about themselves, and define their style. But they should use these tips and techniques to make their makeup work for them, not against them.

Start With a Great Canvas

A great look starts with a clean and moisturized face. Senior women should have personal care at home to help them with skin care, bathing, and other hygiene tasks. Personal care at home can make it easier for women to apply makeup successfully.  After cleansing their face with a gentle cleanser, women should apply a high-quality moisturizer. Then a serum that will keep skin hydrated and firm. And after that, they should apply a primer. The primer smooths the skin to get it ready for foundation or concealer.

Choose the Right Products

The products women are wearing in their 60s and 70s shouldn’t be the same products they used in their 20s. Mature skin has special needs. Senior women should look for foundation, concealer, and powder that is designed for mature skin. Those products won’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles. And they will smooth out with a foundation brush.

Mature women who want to wear eye shadow should look for cream shadows in neutral shades that will make their eyes stand out. Cream shadows are the best choice for mature women. Cream eyeshadows go on smoothly and won’t highlight wrinkles or puffiness. A cream eye shadow is also easier to remove gently than a powder shadow. Eyeshadow sticks that go on like a powder but have a creamy consistency are a great choice for senior women.

Outline the Lips

As women get older their lips thin and turn under. Senior women should line their lips with a white pencil to define them and make them look plump and healthy. A neutral lipstick over a white liner will give senior women a more youthful look.

Invest in Good Tools

Senior women need to invest in good makeup tools. That means buying things like high-quality cosmetic brushes. And a brush cleaner. High-quality skin care is essential. So is spending a little extra on good makeup that is designed for mature skin. And it’s also a good idea to invest in some very gentle makeup-removing clothes. Washcloths and makeup remover wipes can be damaging to mature skin. Specialty makeup removing cloths and pads designed for senior women will remove makeup without causing damage to the skin. Some also have skincare in the wipes to make skin glow naturally.

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