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Finding the Right Transportation Options for Your Senior

Senior home care is a really good option for seniors aging in place because they are an all-around support system for your loved one.
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When you ask a senior to give up driving there may be some backlash. Most seniors don’t want to give up driving unless it is absolutely necessary. Why? Driving is about freedom, and independence, and when they give it up it is a sign they are getting older. This can be hard to admit as a senior but finding ways to support them through this process can help them come to terms with aging in place and giving up driving. Here are some things to consider when asking a senior to give up driving and some transportation options to choose from.

Think About Where They Need To Go

All seniors will have a different level of need when it comes to driving. Think about how often they go to the doctor, activities, grocery shopping, and more. If your senior is super active within a community they may need to live somewhere within walking distance or with good bus transportation to continue living the kind of life they want. On the other hand, some seniors may not want to leave the house very often which can make it easier for family members to offer rides. Here are some transportation options for a senior and their families to consider.

Family Members Can Give Rides

If your senior loved one has a few kids and even grandkids who can drive it can be easier to sort out a schedule. Often, a family will do events together and someone can easily pick up a senior to ensure they are going to everything they want. If you live nearby you may go to the same grocery store and can help with transportation there. So many options are available when there are a few family members who can offer rides for a senior. Before asking a senior to give up driving, look to see which family members can offer driving and create a contact list for your senior loved one. You may all also want to make a weekly and monthly plan to cover any rides necessary.

Senior Home Care Can Help With Transportation

Senior home care is a really good option for seniors aging in place because they are an all-around support system for your loved one. If they need help creating and sticking to a routine, bathing, eating, grocery shopping, or just non-emergency transportation, senior home care is the best choice for your elderly mom or dad. Your loved one can easily get from place to place if senior home care has consent to drive them. When you hire senior home care this is going to be something to consider, you may want to find someone who is comfortable with transportation which will help a senior monthly and weekly schedule be easier to maintain.

Taxi Services for Seniors

Your loved one may not leave very often and if that is the case you can easily call a taxi, uber, or a service for seniors. This may be more money than other options but it is good for those who do not leave the house often. This option is good for one appointment or just something they need to do every once in a while. It may not be the best long-term solution because it is not the most budget-friendly.

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