Is Your Parent at Risk for a Hip Fracture?

As people age, their chances of breaking a hip increase.
Hip fractures are serious and can result in an older adult being unable to live on their own. In fact, around 50 percent of people who experience a hip fracture are never able to live independently again. In addition, breaking a hip can even lead to a shorter life. While age is one of the risk factors for breaking a hip, there are other factors that also increase a senior’s chances for a fracture. Knowing the risk factors for hip fractures could help you to control your parent’s risk and prevent them from suffering a serious injury.


Home Care in Fort Belvior VA: Risk for Hip Fractures

Home Care in Fort Belvior VA: Risk for Hip Fractures


Risk Factors for Hip Fractures

There are many things that can contribute to the chances of your parent breaking their hip. Some risk factors for hip fractures are:


Gender: Hip fractures are far more common in women than men. Around 70 percent of hip fractures happen in women. The reason women break hips more often is because their bones get thin faster than men’s do. The loss of bone tissue is accelerated by decreased estrogen levels that occur with menopause.


Family History: Having a family history of osteoporosis increases the risk of fractures. Also, people who are small and thin are at greater risk.


Medical Conditions: Some chronic conditions can make bones more brittle, such as thyroid problems and certain digestive disorders. In addition, people who have conditions that impact cognition and movement can make seniors fall more easily.


Medicines: Some medicines have side effects that make bones weaker over time. Or, some can cause dizziness, which makes a fall more likely.


Nutrition: People who don’t consume enough vitamin D and calcium when they are younger don’t reach a peak bone mass as high as those who eat well.


Lack of Exercise: People who don’t engage in strength-bearing exercises on a regular basis have weaker bones and muscles, so they may fall more easily, and the falls can result in fractures.


How Home Care Can Help

Home care can be an excellent way to prevent your elderly parent from falling and breaking a hip. Home care providers can assist them to walk safely if they are unsteady on their feet or have mobility problems. Since clutter in the house can cause seniors to trip, a home care provider can help your parent to keep their home tidy, removing clutter like stacks of magazines or newspapers from walkways. Home care providers can also keep older adults more physically active so their muscles stay strong.


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