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In-Home Care Helps Seniors with Osteoporosis

Cell degradation increases, slowing down the building of new bone tissue, resulting in brittle, porous bones that easily break.
In-Home Care in Alexandria VA

Our bones start to deteriorate with age and become a significant health concern. Like other parts of the body, bones also feel the effects of aging. Cell degradation increases, slowing down the building of new bone tissue, resulting in brittle, porous bones that easily break. When this happens, it is called osteoporosis, affecting millions of elderly folk across the United States. Many have called osteoporosis a silent disease, and that’s why professional in-home care is critical.

In the early stages, osteoporosis shows no symptoms, but the bones lose mass over time, and visible signs of damage start to show. Some of the symptoms of this silent disease include stooped posture, persistent pain, height loss, curved spine, and frequent fractures, which occur with little or no provocation. Once you notice these signs, the best solution is to consult a medical expert and schedule routine visits with an experienced in-home care expert.

Challenges of Having Osteoporosis

There are many risks of osteoporosis which put seniors above 50 years on the path to bone loss. Medical experts have identified hormone deficiency, illness, age, and a sedentary lifestyle as the leading causes of bone mass loss. An older adult with weak bones makes everyday activities extremely difficult, especially if the diagnosis is osteoporosis. The disease also brings several other challenges, including pain, limited mobility, heavy financial burdens, and depression.

Benefits of In-Home Care

While osteoporosis has no cure, there are proven ways to deter progression and mitigate further complications. An excellent solution for seniors struggling with the disease is in-home care which helps maintain the quality of life. Professional caregivers focus on four critical areas: falls and fracture prevention, lifestyle assistance, good nutrition, and care following medical procedures and breaks.

Fall and Fracture Prevention

Osteoporosis patients experience challenges keeping their bones intact. Most seniors suffering from the condition experience broken bones following very little stress. With that in mind, in-home care is critical to prevent trips, stumbles, and falls. A professional provides help with light housekeeping tasks like keeping walkways clear and other rigorous chores for older adults. Caregivers also encourage patients to avoid unnecessary risks and to use assistive devices prescribed by the doctor.

Good Nutrition

Like most health complications, good nutrition goes a long way in slowing down the progression of osteoporosis. Vitamin D and calcium deficiencies are common causes of bone loss, and in-home experts can prepare meals that are vital in providing essential nutrients needed to enhance bone growth and strength. In addition, professional caregivers ensure your loved one takes the prescribed medication the appropriate number of times for optimal health.

Care Following Breaks and Medical Procedures

Even with the best care program, preventing fractures in older adults diagnosed with severe osteoporosis is nearly impossible. Hip fractures are common, and surgery is recommended for extensive recovery. However, spinal fractures and other serious breaks also require specialized care. In-home care makes recovery possible within the comfort of your house, ensuring your loved one is comfortable throughout the process.

Living with osteoporosis is not easy, but living a full and happy life with a certified in-home care professional is possible. Schedule an appointment today and kickstart the recovery journey with a professional by your side.

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