What Kinds of Hazards Could Be Hiding in Your Senior’s Home?

Home Care Services in Old Town Alexandria: Hazards In Your Seniors Home

Home Care Services in Old Town Alexandria: Hazards In Your Seniors Home

As a family caregiver, it often falls to you to spot and to correct the safety hazards that face your elderly family member. Here are some of the more common issues that you can correct fairly quickly.


Toxic Substances

If your elderly family member gets confused easily, then having unfettered access to some household substances can be dangerous. Aging family members who have lost their sense of smell can also confuse substances that look similar from each other because they’re unable to distinguish between them. Lock away toxic substances or switch to more natural cleaning methods.


Slippery Floors

Whether floors have wax and floor polish or super shiny polyurethane coatings, floors can get slippery. Some become more of a problem when they’re wet, particularly in the bathroom and the kitchen. Assess the flooring and correct what you can. After that, make sure your elderly family member wears sturdy shoes with rubber soles for maximum traction.


Wonky Flooring

Besides being slippery, flooring can also need repair. Carpet can have holes or worn spots that can produce a tripping hazard. Throw rugs can bunch up, slip, or otherwise become an obstacle. Loose floorboards are a problem of their own. Do what you can to make the flooring as safe as possible for your elderly family member.


Wobbly Furniture

Most people might consider wobbly furniture an inconvenience, but for your aging adult it can be a safety hazard. If she has a tendency to reach out to furniture when her balance isn’t so good, wobbly furniture can keep her off balance. For an elderly family member who has difficulty sitting down or standing up, wobbly furniture might hamper her abilities even further.


Poor Lighting

If your elderly family member can’t see obstacles, she cannot really avoid them. Check the lighting in her home and make sure that it’s bright enough for her. Remember that she may need brighter lighting than you might think in order to see well.


Cords and Clutter

Cords and clutter create significant tripping hazards for your senior family member. Make sure that they’re kept out of the way of normal traffic and keep them from becoming an issue as much as possible.


Remember that these kinds of safety hazards don’t stay gone once you get rid of them. Some of them can come back time and again, so you must remain vigilant. Regular safety sweeps can help you stop trouble in its tracks.


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