Tips for Staying Entertained While Staying in a Vacation Rental

Choosing a vacation house over a traditional hotel for your family vacation this year can offer a wide variety of exceptional benefits.
From more room and greater privacy for everyone to convenient amenities such as a full kitchen and laundry facilities, renting a house can make your trip more comfortable and fun, and your caregiver efforts more accessible.


Home Health Care in Mount Vernon VA: Senior Vacation Entertainment

Home Health Care in Mount Vernon VA: Senior Vacation Entertainment

When planning your vacation, one important thing to keep in mind is the quality time you’ll spend with your family when not engaged in outings or vacation activities such as visiting theme parks, going to the beach, or sightseeing. Even if you have many things you want to do during your trip, you don’t want to overschedule your days and risk being exhausted. You may also find that weather and other unexpected circumstances can keep you from the activities you planned. Having forms of entertainment in your vacation rental with you can allow you to spend this time together having fun and making memories.


Use these tips for staying entertained while staying in a vacation rental during your family trip this summer:

-Bring along your favorite board games.

These are a great way to encourage conversation, sharing, and bonding with your family while also stimulating cognitive processing and memory skills.


-Have a movie night.
Pack popcorn, candy, and blankets, and bring them out on a rainy night or a day you planned to relax. Rent a movie and enjoy watching it together. If it is a movie you’ve seen before, encourage the family to talk about it and share their thoughts.


-Create your own postcards. Everyone loves receiving postcards when family and friends are on vacation. While you can buy them in virtually every location, they are even more special when you make them yourself. Bring along art supplies and encourage everyone to design and create their own postcards that show favorite things about the trip so far. You can send these home to friends and family, or keep them for a scrapbook.


How can home care help your senior?

Senior care providers can offer a wide range of personalized services to your aging parent to help maintain the highest quality of life possible as they age in place. While there are many different options to address a wide variety of needs and challenges, one that can be particularly beneficial is mental stimulation and companionship. Engaging in entertaining activities, going on outings, learning new things together, and practicing skills can all stimulate your parent’s mind to support ongoing better cognitive functioning, sharper memory skills, and faster recall.

These also boost your parents mental and emotional health to help them ward off such potential issues as depression, loneliness, isolation and, anxiety, and more. Through these efforts, your parent can enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle, and greater motivation to take care of themselves and to engage in the world around them as they age in place.



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