Aging at home is what many elderly men and women wish for as they age. For most, it’s never an issue. Others have health or mobility issues that make it harder and harder to remain safe. When activities of daily living become an issue, home care can help.

Seniors in need of home care often worry about paying for the services they need. It’s best to talk about the cost of home care before it’s needed. Here are things you and your family should discuss.


Homecare in Falls Church VA: Paying for Home Care

Homecare in Falls Church VA: Paying for Home Care


There Are Long-Term Care Insurance Plans

Long-term care insurance is insurance you take out to help cover some of the cost of home care or assisted living when you need it. The younger you are when you sign up, the lower the rates are.

If you consider long-term care insurance, ask what it covers. Some have daily benefits that may not cover all of the care needed. It will help, but it may not be enough. Make sure it covers everything your parents might need. If there’s a pre-existing condition, some policies won’t provide full coverage.


Family Caregiving Can Reduce the Hours Needed for Professional Home Care

If your parent has Alzheimer’s and needs around-the-clock care, it can get expensive. You can cut the cost by covering some of those hours. If you have three siblings, you could each take a portion of the day and only have to hire a caregiver for gaps where no one is available.


Tightening a Budget Can Help Make Home Care Affordable

See if there are places you can cut your mom and dad’s budget. They may no longer use their phone enough to need a landline. Switching from standard light fixtures to LED ones can save money. Looking for group rates on heating fuel will lower costs. Those are just a few ideas. You’ll find many suggestions online.


Some States and Organizations Have Programs That Can Help

Talk to the Agency on Aging. Your parents may qualify for help with home care services from Medicaid and the VA. Not every person does, but it’s good to ask. States also may be able to help. In Hawaii, for example, family caregivers now get a small stipend to provide care to an aging parent. The stipend helps offset the loss of income family caregivers often face.

You may find yourself surprised by the affordability of home care when you plan wisely. Talk to an agent today to learn more about rates and schedules.

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